MADDON Oilfield Services provides a wide variety of Mechanical Slickline for Completion, Work Over, and Production Applications to the Oil and Gas industry. We provide our customers with a pleasant transaction, resulting in an effective and optimal experience.

MADDON is Pleased to Provide the Following Applications and Services to our Customers:

- Salt
- Sand
- Tubing Scale
- Cement
- Etc.
Bottom Hole Pressure and Temperature Surveys
-Gradients in Coil Tubing and Casing
-Fluid Levels
-BHP’s and BHT’s
-Coil Tubing
-Scale, Salt, or Sand Build Up in Collars
Catch Fluid and /or Solid Samples
-Soil and Sand
Crane Services
-Up to 22 tonne
-Hoist Slickline Lubricator and BOP Assembly
-Pulling Tension on Coil for Proper Setting of Packers, etc
-House Packages and Trusses
Critical Well Applications
-Tandem Remote Hydraulic 3” BOPS
-Correct Wellhead Connections
-Flange or Threaded
-Portable Flare Stack
-H2S Services
-CO2 Services
Depth Correlation
-Coil Tubing
-Cement Top
-Tubing Bottom
-Tag Profiles
-Sliding Sleeves
Dump Bailing
- Acid
- Hydromite
- Etc.
Extended Tests
-Flow and Build Up
-Build Up Only
Any Item(s) Required to be Pulled to Surface from Wellbore
-Coiled Wire
-Perforating Guns
-Swab Cups
-Misc Hand Tools
Hot Shot Service
-Enclosed Trailer Provided for Hauling
- Hot Shot Various Equipment, Supplies, Tools, Plugs/Nipples, Packers, Valves, etc.
Hydrostatic and Stroke Bailers
-Extra Bailer Barrels
-Removal of Debris from Wellbore, Prong, Plugs, Perforations.
Nitrogen (N2)
- Pressure Testing and Purging of Lubricator
- Flow Lines
- Separators
- Prongs/Plugs
- Sliding Sleeves
- Complete with Regulator and Hoses
Mechanical Perforating
-Tubing Application
-Mechanically Perforate Tubing @ Any Desired Depth
Paraffin/Wax Removal (Dewaxing)
- Coil Tubing
- Conventional Casing
Permanent and Retrievable Bridge Plugs
-Set Permanent Tubing
-Bridge Plugs and WR’s
-1.90” Tubing – 3 ½” Tubing
-Snub Procedures
Plunger and Gas Lift Installs
-Maximize Well’s Production
Portable Skid Units
-Drop Spools
-Easily transported on Quad for remote areas
-No Crane Required
-Cost Effective
Prong/Plug, Sliding Sleeve, Gas Lift Valves
-Shift Open or Closed
-Otis, Baker and Camco, etc
-Flow Control Valves
Retrieve WR Plugs
-Correct Equipment to Pull WR from Casing or Tubing
-Overshot comes with Grapple
-Equalizing of Proper Displacement of Fluid
Sand Line Cutter
*Pressure Activated or Mechanical Application*
-Will Cut up To ½” Sand Line very Effectively
-Comes with New Cutter and Crimper on Every Run
-Crimps Above and Cuts Below
-Easy Retrieval if it is Not Pulled to Surface with Braided Line or Wire Line
*Cost Effective*
Sub Surface Safety Valves
-Installation of for Sweet and Sour Wells
-Complete Swab Mandrels and Correct Cup Sizing
-Coil Tubing Ranging 25.4 mm / 1” - 44.5 mm / 1 ¾” Sized Coil
-1.90” Tubing – 5 ½” Casing
*Cups are machined to Proper OD for Coil Applications*
Tubing Extensions
-Installation of Flow Tube
-Any Application Resulting With an Increase to the Production of a Well
-Below Bottom Hole Shock Assembly