Health Safety and Environment

MADDON Oilfield Services is devoted to protecting the environment and ensuring the health and safety of our customers and employees which proves to be evident through the dedication and quality shown by all employees on a daily basis.

MADDON Oilfield Services maintains the Small Employer Certificate of Recognition Program (SECOR) annually. We carry a valid IRP 16 Certificate. In addition to our Safety Polices and Procedures, we also support the Basic Safety Program for the Upstream Petroleum Industry Guidelines for worker safety. MADDON is also a member of both safety programs, ISNetworld and Comply Works (formerly Canadian HSE Registry). This enables our customers the opportunity to view all of our Safety Certificates and Documents, Insurance Program Information, Environmental Performance, Hazard Assessment and Control, Workers Compensation, Personal Protective Equipment, Employee Information, etc online and at their convenience.

MADDON Oilfield Services conducts all activities in a manner that safeguards customers, employees, and the general public making our goal to be incident free by conducting pre job safety meetings, maintaining our equipment and investing in our employees with ongoing training. We realize the importance of protecting the environment by identifying potential hazards and ensuring proper procedures are in place to manage and identify risks. All MADDON employees are responsible for following applicable regulations, safety rules and practices, and performing all activities in the safest manner possible. We take great pride in knowing this is carried out each and every day within our company.

ISNetworld Company ID # 400-153498
Canadian HSE Comply Works Member # 1017633